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About me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I can’t wait to help you achieve a more balanced life.

After years of my own struggle with taking space in my own life and prioritizing my self nourishment, I decided to take control and reclaim my power. I went on a long and winding journey to find my balance and healing from the inside out. Now I use the same powerful techniques to help others find inner peace.

In addition, I am trained as a Healing Qigong teacher and a Forest Therapy Guide. I infuse these practices into my grounding and centering work here at The Calming Ground. And, though The Calming Ground is a non-clinical practice, I also bring my years of experience and training as a psychotherapist in my private practice to nuance and inform my work as a centering life coach. 


Find inner peace and live a more balanced life.

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.

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