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The Calming Ground Membership is an informative and supportive offering that guides women to move from feeling overwhelmed, self critical, and depleted to feeling deeply grounded, confident, and trusting of themselves. We provide a compassionate and supportive community of other like-minded women, monthly guidance on self-care and grounding, and plenty of inspiration!  
In addition, we offer Calming Ground Retreats to rest, restore, and deepen your self-nourishment and care.
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My methods

There are several ways we support you on your journey

Meditation & Mindfulness techniques as a tool for gaining clarity & calm
Somatic movement practices offer you a deeper connection and honoring relationship with your body
Grounding and Centering practices in nature. 

A balanced life

We offer guidance around limiting beliefs, developing self care routines, meditation, deepening compassion and trust in ourselves, somatic movement practices, and connecting to the natural world.

We offer easy and doable strategies to lean into loving your body and honoring your inner rhythm and peace without any of the unnecessary rules and limitations of a "traditional" meditation and  movement practice.

We explore sustainable ways to create a peaceful and nourishing self care plan and experience that works for you. 


These options are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full program. 

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This podcasts offers reflections, wisdom, and actionable steps to nurture and inspire your self-care journey.

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We united a community of people interested in deepening and compassionately supporting one another in their journey towards greater inner balance and peace.


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Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a life and centering coach. I help you deepen your inner balance and strengthen your connection with your body and spirit so that you can experience greater fulfilment and wonder in life. 

More about me

Sonya G.

"The Calming Ground membership provides a safe space to explore self care and wellness and provides practical tools and caring support to do that. 

Holland H.

"I am so grateful to Elizabeth and the wellness warriors in this group. As a new mama, I needed community more than ever and I especially needed to remember to care for myself amidst all the sleep-deprived chaos. This group helped me stay grounded, present, and most importantly reflective. I feel so much better after the meetings!"

Carmen A.

"My life is so busy! Each week, receiving these little nuggets gives me the moments I need to pause, reflect, and come back tomyself."

Experience how easy it can be

Try our Calming Ground Practice Membership for meditation, gentle movement, reflection prompts, group support, and online resources.


Your Private Calming Ground



  • Meditation guidance
  • Gentle movement practices 
  • Contemplation and reflection prompts
  • Support and sharing from others in the group as well as Elizabeth
  • Access to online resources & private Facebook group
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